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Bravo for inventing the time machine and traveling back to a time where jokes about men not being able to do laundry and women only wanting to have long term relationships were funny. There's a way to present your cartoon that doesn't include such mindless gender role drivel but you unfortunately took the low road on this one.
The worst part is that your overarching message is a good one but is undermined by the fact that if you genuinely think all men just want a women to do their laundry for them, 'being yourself' 'ain't gonna do squat.

You desperately need to fix your audio mixing.
I couldn't finish watching due to the incredible amount of distortion on just about every soud in the movie. It could be due to how you recorded the audio but i think it may have more to do with the level at which you had all your sounds within flash before exporting.
It's a simple issue that can be easily fixed and would've improved the quality of your film 10 fold.

BinaryDood responds:

Yeah I am aware of that :(

Hopefully wont happen again

Great animation anc catchy song!
Animation was smooth and drawings were pretty good.
I found the fuzz distortion on the robots voice during the verses fine and a good fit but when the chorus comes in it became very ear piercing and irritating.
Not that it ruined anything but it could've benefited from some eq work or perhaps just have been mixed at a lower level.
Other than that, it was great!

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Great game!
The aesthetics are excellent with some brilliant pixel art and catchy music.
Easy to grasp, an interesting mix of game mechanics and overall great fun to play.
Perhaps my only complaint is a slight lack in variation when reaching the greater distances.
Saw it right through to the end which was largely satisfying.
Looking forward to more great games from you.

Good but flawed.
The atmosphere in this game is excellent and combines a brilliant use of music and art.
The plot is good though there are a few spelling errors which would be nice to see rectified.
The game's main fault is that it's repetitive and boring, in some respect there would be moments that would work better as cutscenes than as gameplay.
It would've been nice to have the environment change every time you retrace it, instead of the minor tweaks that were present perhaps implement some seasonal changes to show the passing of time. A change of season would also allow the environment to become more interesting upon re-traversal using things like snow or dried leaves to change the terrain.
When you gain control of the giant it's also really really painfully slow to move, perhaps this was intentional to give a some weight to the situation and to give a sense of size to the guardian but it was really much too slow.
On the positive side of things I really enjoyed the way the controls were given to the player, the two Japanese symbols displayed at the start were brilliant. They instantly conveyed 'use the arrow keys to move' in a simple and elegant manner. As mentioned the music was excellent and really suited the visuals and story. The pixel art was great particularly on the guardian which came off as looking very ancient and covered in years of plant growth.
Overall the game is enjoyable and the story is worth experiencing but It's a little on the dull side and makes you repeat the same sections several times.

More of an exercise in poor game design than frustration.
You lost me at level 2 when you changed the game rules for no real reason other than to force a death upon the player. This happens where the second chunk of yellow blocks are actually solid platforms, something that is impossible to know without previously playing the game.

The concept on it's own is fine, impossible death can be fun and interesting in games as it can surprise the player and encourage them to take more care when playing.
The problem with your game however is that the entire game is built around this concept and it comes off as shallow and simple. The game boils down to basic pattern memorization which in turn defeats the purpose of the whole game existing as a platformer.
A platformer implies factors like good reaction time, awareness of surroundings and understanding of established rules, none of which exist in your game.
Your game could just as easily have involved clicking randomly on the screen to uncover bombs and memorizing where they are (also known as minesweeper).

The tutorial stage also serves no purpose whatsoever as there are only three constants in your game:
1. There are invisible blocks.
2. Some blocks will kill you if you touch them.
3. Get to the green block to finish a level.
The colour attributes introduced in the tutorial level mean nothing and serve no purpose other than to confuse the player...so don't include them in the tutorial.
A tutorial should introduce essential game rules and nothing else, for example: instead of introducing the yellow blocks as 'blocks that disappear when you touch them' let the player figure this out in the first two or three levels. Include them in several spots so that the player can draw this conclusion for themselves, then when you switch up the mechanic in a later level by having the yellow blocks remain after being touched it will have a greater effect and confuse the player much more.

I understand that your intention was to frustrate players but i really think you could've done this is a much more interesting and purposeful way. The poorly responsive controls take almost all skill out of the game and don't really encourage the player to continue.
The patterns aren't really that hard to memorize either which doesn't really create a unique reason to play the game. Take 'I wanna be the guy' as an example, it employs numerous impossible death scenarios which are cheap and unfair. The difference between your game and IWBTG however is a tight control scheme, the large degree of skill involved and an insane difficulty level that has made the game notoriously hard to beat, thus encouraging players to continue playing.

Your game lacks depth, it serves no purpose as a platformer and is poorly executed.
I appreciate the effort and some of your game concepts are interesting, take this as constructive criticism as i can see that time and thought has been put into the game and i would love to see something great come of it.

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Some pretty cool polyphony and poly-rhythms going on here.
Interesting contrast between the first scale based section to the rapid broken harmony of the next section.
Must've been a cool lecture.

Sweet loop, love the toy piano-ey tinkery sounds and the slow attack on the string-like sounds.
Cool stuff.

Awesome, extremely relaxing (if relaxing can be extreme?)
Love the pad synth running throughout and the clicking rhythmic sounds.
As the last guy said there's come clipping going on at 3:13 which goes for a few seconds.
Cool stuff all around!

DJM4C responds:

Thank you! Yea I don't know what happened, guess a little bug, or sound collapse. I'll be sure to check for that in the future

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